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Salvage & Craft, headed by Ray Milora in Old City, transforms reclaimed materials into refined decor for the home and workplace. Specializing in unique lighting, Salvage & Craft sells their work online and in-stores at Philadelphia Independents and Art in the Age.



Interview with Ray Milora


How did you get started with designing lamps?

One of my hobbies is collecting random bits of the past... old tools, pieces of equipment, hardware, etc. I remodel homes old homes as a hobby, including many of these items as design the interiors, and found that I wanted to make more functional items from many of them. Oddly enough, at the same time Art In The Age launched their spirit Root of which I was an instant fan and loved the shape of the bottle. I thought it would make a great pendant light, so... gave it a go. The rest, they say, is history.

2. How do your lamps impact the look and feel of a room?

I think they create an interesting yet functional focal point for any room, and do so at a price point within reach. They often are considered "industrial" in theme due to the materials I utilize, but I think it's beyond that. Many of customers will comment how these lamps and pendants remind them of an event, gathering or memory from their past. That connection is what commonly make me choose the various materials in the first place, so it's amazing for me to hear the same in return.

3. Why create work out of salvaged items instead of just creating them from scratch?

Great question. I love junk and antique shops, and stop whenever I see one to look around. They are such an amazing source for me... specifically when I find old, and often broken, pieces once used for other reasons. That discovery process is critical to my process and how I prefer to work, and not something I feel I can recreate.

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