Wastelands - Part Three


Note: Urban exploring can be dangerous and illegal. Always go with someone you trust, ideally someone who has already been to the site, and get permission from the property owner if possible.

Sarah R. Bloom is a nude self-portrait photographer that uses abandoned spaces as the backdrop for her art as a way to overcome the challenges of middle-age. I was introduced to Sarah, by Tracy Levesque, as someone who does really unique self portraits in abandoned spaces. As you can see in the video, that is entirely true.

Our day started at 4am, just early enough to get to the school and avoid being seen by a neighboring construction site. We got a tip that the rear window of the building was open and accessible by climbing a used car tire (as you can see in the video).

Once inside, we headed to the roof which was the cage-topped gym for the school where Sarah did the majority of her self-portraits for the day. The rest of our time was spent in the classrooms, which still had all the old books and papers of the class that left it.

As this is the third and final episode of my series about urban explorers, I want to thank those that were involved. Thanks to Conrad BennerTracy Levesque and Sarah R. Bloom for sharing their stories, and to my wife for green-lighting this project.