Philly Makers - DIY Recording Equipment


Handmade hardware in South Philadelphia

Peterson Goodwyn is a local maker working out of Nextfab Studio in South Philadelphia.

Goodwyn created Colour as an easy and affordable way to add extra warmth and fullness to music. He sources hardware components from all over the world, and compiles them in small, DIY kits for users to build themselves.

Low rent and easy access to resources like Nextfab made the experience of starting a hardware business realistic for Goodwyn.

Instagram filters for audio

Colour adds analog distortions to music much like the imperfect but warm characteristics you get when playing a record. The system uses individual modules to generate unique filters, and because the system is open source, anyone can design and sell their own modules.

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Only a small percentage of the story can be told through the video, but there is lot more about Goodwyn's work that is worth sharing. Here is an extended clip from Goodwyn about making in Philadelphia.