Philadelphia from Above (in 4k)


Philadelphia has a stunning and recognizable skyline. You could give any Philadelphian just a silhouette of it, and they'd identify it in a snap.

This is largely because we tend to see the city from the same perspectives. From our observations on the streets to the photographs that flood Google Images, the view is always quite the same.

I wanted to capture it in a fresh way that would bring new color and character to Philly and its skyline.

For the last four weeks, Brandywine Realty Trust has given me unlimited access to film from some of the tallest rooftops in Philadelphia to do exactly that.

This is the largest story I've ever shot, and is the result of 4 weeks, 70 hours, 230 GB, 204 video clips, and 40 timelapses made from 16,228 photographs. This is my first story to be released in 4k, and captures and incredible amount of detail that can be seen from this perspective.

Special thanks to Brandywine Realty Trust for allowing me to spend hours filming the city I love from viewpoints I'd never seen before, and Ernie Lim and Jason Belkov for the beautiful Center City drone footage.



Each photo features the very best of Philadelphia, and every sale helps support new films. Help me tell Philadelphia's story by purchasing your favorite.

Images are printed on premium photo-paper with a Kodak Endura Lustre finish; matted and placed behind glass enclosed in a black 12" x 12" wood composite frame.