Monthly Free Print Giveaway


Monthly Free Print Giveaway

Every month I give away one free print (8x12) to celebrate all the reasons #whyilovephilly

About the print shop

When I started my print shop more two years ago, I had no idea what to expect. I thought best case scenario I’d sell a handful of prints to friends and family, interest would fade, and I’d move on in a month or two.

Not the case.


For the first year I was framing and shipping every single print by hand. My small one bedroom apartment started filling up with extra frames, hundreds of prints, and stacks and stacks of boxes. I still have nightmares about all those boxes and the daily trip to the post office...

Fortunately for my sanity (and marriage) things have changed a lot since then. All of my prints now ship directly from my partner in Brooklyn where every frame and print is handmade and perfected. They do incredible work AND I don't have to deal with the mountain of boxes 😂

The biggest thank you ever to everyone who has bought a print!