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Billy Cress is an authoritative Philadelphia Instagramer with over 90,000 followers. He publishes stunning photos of some of the lesser seen neighborhoods, to highlight the hidden beauty found there.



Interview with Billy Cress


1- How did you get started with filmmaking?

I studied Journalism at Temple but started shooting video for real estate companies when I graduated. That was my first business. Slowly, I started testing the waters by blogging for those companies and pitching video blogs for the realtors. They were open to it so I did some stories about things going on in Philly for them. The first video had a really good response — A Very Philly Christmas — so I decided to keep making videos that were more about Philly. I’ve been shooting video for almost three years now, and have worked on dozens of project all over Philadelphia.


2- What is your ideal project to work on?

I really love unique perspectives of Philadelphia and capturing the different narratives within the city. I love doing stories about people who have a really interesting job or do something that can show the city in a different way. The videos I’ve done that show different people and what they do, proves to me how diverse and rich our city is.


3- Describe your photographic style. How does it translate to your moving images?

I love time lapses and capturing time, especially sunsets in Philadelphia. It’s a simple shot, 240 photos taken every two seconds for 8 minutes, but it makes a very stunning shot. Because they show movement through time, each timelapse I capture makes that one moment in time feel more alive.


4- How does Philadelphia shape your storytelling?

I love Philadelphia as a subject because it’s all around me and because there’s a growing sense of pride Philadelphians have for their city. I love being able to show it in the positive, real way, just as I see it.


5- Who or what inspires your work?

Philadelphia has an incredible creative community that has really inspired me. The photographers, videographers, designers, craftsman, bakers, and street artists I’ve had the privilege of working with inspire me daily.


You can learn more about Cory’s vision of Philadelphia through the short videos on his website: coryjpopp.com

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Very first photo taken with a newly acquired Contax T2. Thanks @brickxbirch!

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